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Earth Economics is a non-profit located in Tacoma, Washington, dedicated to researching and applying the economic solutions of tomorrow, today.

Earth Economics provides robust, science-based, ecologically sound economic analysis, policy recommendations and tools to positively transform regional, national and international economics, and asset accounting systems.

Working with leading ecologists, economists and modelers, we serve a large circle of businesses, non-profits, government agencies, policy makers and media channels with research, reports, presentations, workshops and investigations.

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Featured Project

Nature’s Value in the Colorado River Basin is the first comprehensive valuation study of natural capital and ecosystem services ever conducted in the Colorado River Basin. The report shows the scale of the value of the Basin’s water and natural lands: between $69.2 billion and $496.4 billion per year. This flow of value comes from the ecosystems in the Colorado River Basin and extends well beyond the boundary of the Basin. Examples of valuable goods and services included in this report are potable water, irrigation water, carbon sequestration, flood risk reduction, water filtration, wildlife habitat, soil erosion reduction, recreation, and others. The asset value of the Basin over 100 years is estimated to be between $1.8 trillion and $12.1 trillion.

The Basin encompasses a complex system of dams, water rights, treaties, and other elements. This results in the Colorado River being among the most controlled and litigated rivers in the world. Within this context, the natural systems of the Basin are fundamental to ecological balance as well as economic benefit and social well-being. This report will inform stakeholder understanding of the importance and scale of the economic value generated by the Basin’s natural assets. Understanding the scale of value provided in the Colorado River Basin provides incentive for investing in healthy landscapes, healthy rivers, and healthy communities.


An Assessment of the Value of Pacific County's Nearshore Ecosystems Economic Data for the Shoreline Master Program Planning Process

Earth Economics produced an economic analysis that estimates the value of the ecosystem services provided by natural assets in Pacific County’s nearshore environment. The value of Pacific County’s nearshore ecosystems is approximately $985 million to $4.4 billion dollars per year. With Pacific County updating their Shoreline Master Program (SMP) within the next two years, there is a countywide discussion about what aspects of the shoreline environment to protect and why. We also developed recommendations for the preservation of ecosystems that contribute tangibly to the local economy. With this report, we seek to contribute information so that the public and county decision-makers can better understand the economic context of project planning, policy choices and other requirements, particular to shoreline ecosystems and critical areas throughout the county.